Gotta have Faith

"Sometimes a person must laugh, before they can put on their serious face."
~ Coila

Yesterday was a most emotionally draining day. I have a deadline I wanted to complete by Saturday. However, I could only focus on the "pretty things" waiting patiently in line to be the next piece to rest atop my easel for the paint to bring them to life.
Sadly, I ruined most of the "pretty" work attempted today. Even my ballerina flew from the lip of the easel to the floor several times, smearing paint, causing me to rework the piece in its entirety. Because of the "emotional hangover" from the previous day, I could hardly be roused for more than a simple long sigh and an "okay" escaping from my lips. The only thing I accepted from this daring flight to the floor was that it could make me see the piece in a different light. As it turns out, the work in progress is now better.

After my eventful day, I went on to enjoy a few hours for dinner and family time. Somehow, I returned home renewed enough to return to the easel in the night hours, able to once again focus on a most special piece that requires much focus and a deep connection in faith, while allowing my thoughts to pass like water through a sieve. This special piece is unfolding, pushing me to find my voice, giving my work purpose.


ballerina #4 from the Prima Ballerina series

Posted on January 19, 2017 .