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Growth - With One Eye

One of my favourite portraits is a self portrait of Pablo Picasso as a young man. Wether it was intentional or unfinished, he created a painting of  himself with only a single eye, and the other a bit smudged out. I had the opportunity of seeing it in person a couple of years ago at the MET. While it was small, it held so much strength.

Below is the second piece I have left, "unfinished", missing an eye. The first was a self portrait I did many years ago...I often wondered why I was attracted by something seemingly left undone.

Perhaps on a subconscious level, I like it because it symbolizes (for me) the human need for growth. We are all unfinished beings.  Or perhaps it means we like to keep something for ourselves, not giving society a full reveal - Guarding our hearts.

Today I decided it was time to place the final mark (my signature) on this 1 - ish year old piece painted from life at the Scottsdale Artists' School with artist Johanna Harmon. Her words of experience continue to echo through my thoughts as I paint. Thank you for helping me grow Johanna - you are an excellent artist and teacher! 


Pablo Picasso Self portait - hanging at the MET


Self portrait study 2009

Vintage family photo

In the last several months I have been receiving more portrait commissions. Yay! :) This particular commission is different than the usual commissions I am asked to do. This image is a detail shot of a work in progress, referenced from a 1920's vintage family photo. In those days it was not uncommon for photographers to use copper materials to produce an image, called a photogravure. Because the portrait was made in that time frame, in addition to it being highly archival, I have chosen to paint on copper.  (side note: I'm very grateful that my patron has absolute faith in my choice.)  I'm finding that painting on this surface changes my technique, keeping the paint smooth and forcing me to change the way I use my medium, as well as using different brushes.  Luckily, I watched a youtube video by Sadie Valeri demonstrating the use of her medium. medium. It was so very helpful, as this is definitely a learning curve for me. My goal in creating this piece is to provide smooth textures on the face(s) while incorporating my preferred, textured, brush strokes as I work out. 

I definitely love this process thus far, and hope to do many more commission works on copper in the future!

This piece has many more hours to go until it is finished. To see this and several other works in progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram, and Instagram stories.  Link/icon is at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions or would like to begin the process for your own commission, please contact me at:

Thanks, and have a beautiful day! :)    ~ Coila                                                                                       

Bringing Back the Auction for 1 Full Week

Are you wondering why I'm bringing back the auction all week long?

Many of you have been following my work since before the very first time I offered artwork up for auction, raising money to go to NYC for a 2 week art residency 2 years ago. That was a pivotal point for me with my work. My career. Since then, I've made a strong commitment to my work, and paint in the studio nearly everyday. If I'm not painting, I'm researching imagery, planning projects, and listening to podcasts. If you've been following since then, you know how far I've come. But I have big goals. Big dreams. I need more progress. I need to be better.

The most recent, and most important of my successes to date is the recognition as a finalist from the Portrait Society of America for "Portrait of a Family Man" for which I'm truly honoured. This gives me great courage in proceeding to my next step(s).

In the past several months I have also been busily working in my studio putting together a strong portfolio of works to take to their annual conference in April.

I'm using this week's sales to aid me in making that trip to Atlanta for this amazing opportunity. Not only will I have the opportunity to have my portfolio critiqued by America's modern masters, I will also have the opportunity to watch them work, as well as take workshops, network (hopefully find a mentor) and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Being an artist is not the easiest road to travel, but I've wanted it my entire's the only thing that has truly "fit". This conference is the next step in my career.

I thank you for your continued support of my work, applauding my successes, and encouraging me when I need it...thank you for being a part of my journey. Again, I am truly honoured.

To follow the posts tune in everyday @ 8:30 a.m. MST on my personal FB page. The auction will run through til Monday, February 27th. 

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All the best on this Monday;
Happy Presidents Day, and National love your dog day!

~ Coila Evans

Posted on February 20, 2017 .