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culture clash

I've been thinking a lot about our world, the state of affairs, and the tension increasing among "our" people.  Humans.
I've been thinking about the long lineage from whence we all have been born.

A friend shared with me a story about countless people being tested, revealing  the history of their DNA. However, prior to testing the were asked about the race they least liked. Their responses were all based on experiences they had directly or that were put upon their ancestry. The results were quite astounding. They most often found themselves connected to the very race they had such strong feelings against. 


I imagine this revelation to be most vexing.

I have my own family's history I'm working to sort through. Pain caused that affected generations before me. Somehow it has carried through to me. How can I expect any one culture to forgive and heal if I cannot myself?

I want to do a DNA test...I'm certain my test will reveal: I am "All Nations" much like my Mrs. Terry's church.

What will your test reveal?


stay tuned....there is a project brewing. 

Posted on January 11, 2017 .